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Failory Learn From Failed Startups

Did you know that there is a 90% rate of failure at the beginning of new businesses? These businesses are the famous "failed startups". The good news is that it is possible to fail and start again. The key is to have useful information, in order to avoid committing the same mistakes you, or other entrepreneurs had made.

Interviews with Failed Startups

Behind a failed startup there are economic losses, but also dreams, illusions, hopes, and thousands of working hours of people who believed in a project and an entrepreneur. Is this your case? Then, we invite you to Failory.

Failory is a community where you can share your experiences and learn from the mistakes made by failed startups. We, the team behind Failory, are a group of entrepreneurs who failed in our latest side-project for committing the same mistakes over and over again.

But we didn’t give up… In fact, we went a little further: Turn ours and other entrepreneur’s experiences into helpful lessons. We have gathered an impressive collection of stories and interviews with entrepreneurs, where they analyse the weak points and circumstances that led them to fail.

The interview section is continuously being enriched with new contributions from entrepreneurs who believe that their experiences are valuable for others and want to share it. Moreover, each interview contains a list of errors and an analysis of our specialists offering conclusions and tools to avoid or overcome those mistakes.

In Failory you will not find cold analysis. When the story gets told by its own protagonists is full of emotions and feelings, that you probably also have at the moment of building a startup. Emotions are important. We know this because we work with passion to make our dreams come true.

Our main goal is and has always been to help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence and not fail.

How Take Advantage of Our Interviews

In Failory, it is very easy to learn from the experiences of the failed startup. You will be able to easily navigate between the interviews as we offer you 3 filters: country, the category of startup, and mistake committed. The interviewees are entrepreneurs who live in places of all around the world. Furthermore, all the experiences are valid, since, at the moment of making decisions, all variables should be taken into account, apart from size, country or activity of the startup.

In addition to reading the failed startup interviews, you can go to our blog where you will discover many interesting articles. You will also find the answers to some frequently asked questions such as "what to do after a failure", "what percentage of startups fail" and "why startups fail".

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What we want to show with Failory is that... mistakes inspire! When facing an error, you can react with fear or creativity. Fear leads to paralysis. Yes, indeed, if you don't do anything... surely you won’t commit any error! But the errors should become a source of inspiration.  After all, if you're an entrepreneur, there will be no obstacles in your way that you can not overcome. Did you fail once? Doesn’t matter, you can always go back to the beginning. Tell us your experience!

Now it's time to continue working hard!