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The Ultimate Startup Failure Rate Infographic [2017]

A recent research explains the startup failure rate and indicates that about 90% of the new startups fail. This is a really important statistic to take into account at the moment of creating your startup.

Startup Failure Rate

In Failory we consider ourselves the experts of failure, and, although this may not seem as a title we should be proud of, we are 100% sure that success is not achieved without stumbling with a few rocks on the road.

However, there is no need for you to fall on the same mistakes that another entrepreneur has already felt. Therefore, it is essential to understand and to become a specialist on failure, and in order to do this, there is no better place to start than by understanding "The Startup Failure Rate Infographic".

It is important to take a good look and try to memorize the different aspects of this infographic to form part of the decreasing and already small business success rate. The main requisite to enter this elitist club of successful entrepreneurs is understanding how risky and how similar to a Russian Roulette starting your own startup can be.

So the million-dollar question is: What percentage of startup fail? The following infographic explains in detail the startup failure percentage as well as the startup failure rate by industry.


The Startup Failure Rate Infographic

Startup Failure Rate


No one can ever guarantee your own success. But if you take into account startup failure ratesΒ you will be one step ahead the rest.

If you are here is because you are interested in startup failures. So you will probably find curious this startup post mortem strategy.

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