WorldOS was a P2P infrastructure provider. Lucas tried to productize a buzzword, but was not solving the right problem.

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Hello Lucas! What's your background, and what are you currently working on? 👩‍💻

I was a programmer for about ten years, then a manager for another ten. My niche is the intersection of tech and music, and I’m currently working on data services related to music.


What was WorldOS about? 🤘 👌

WorldOS was a P2P infrastructure provider. The time was 2003, when there was a new wave of P2P apps like Napster, Gnutella, SETI@home, and BitTorrent.

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How did you grow WorldOS? 📈 📊

I coded the first version on my own, then recruited partners to work with me. One was a business person whose job was fundraising and product marketing. The other was a designer whose job was making things look good.

The company was funded on my savings, which came from my previous business, which had made a nice profit on outsourced web development.


Which was the problem with WorldOS? How did you realize? ⚠️ ❌

I was in a good early position on a largish tech trend, but misunderstood that could lead to customer demand. I was trying to productize a buzzword.


What were the mistakes you made? 📉 〽️

I didn’t talk to customers nearly enough. My vision didn’t solve the right problem.

What were your biggest disadvantages? 🆘 🚫

In retrospect, I was building tech for tech’s sake. I thought I was being a hard-nosed realist, but in reality, I was making something because I thought it was beautiful. My illusions and vanity got in my way.


If you had to start over, what would you do differently? 🆕 ⬅️

There is an endless number of little things I did wrong, but few big ones. More school would have been useful - couple more years of computer science, accounting, sales training.


What's your advice for someone who is just starting? 📢 💌

Cashflow is everything. As long as you can keep paying the bills, you are in a position to grow.

Be brutally honest about deals. Know the truth. You don’t have to tell other people, but you have to understand it for yourself.

Understand the self-interest of everybody offering anything. That goes double for people on the investor side.


Where can we go to learn more? 🕵️ 🕵️

You can learn more at

Conclusion 📝⌛️

On his interview, Lucas told us that he tried to make a product out of a buzzword, but there wasn’t really a market for it. It was this unprepared market that culminated his growing start-up.

However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. Go to our Blog and learn how to solve this and other problems.

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